Show Choir is a precision vocal group. It takes talent to simply be a member. Returning members are: Jana Austin, Nolan Dyer, Presley Fehland, Ashlynn Flanagan, Allison Frizzell, Carlie Lawler, Drea Melton, Eve Odle, Shelby Ozier, Hannah Pickering, Jacob  Renfroe, Casey Stanfill, Roger Taylor, Karlee Willis, and Dawson  Wood.


The following are first year members and will have the chance to practice and earn a spot in the performance group at TN State BetaCon in November: Ryleigh Beecham, Erin Burhmann, Faith Davis, Carlie Douglas, Dalton French, Kirstin Griffin, Darby Holt, Jacob Jefferson, Emma Johnson, Kendall Jordan, Cloie Joyner, Cheyenne Martindale, Ashley Mayfield, Isabell Phiri, Grayson Pollock, Antonio Posey, Mason Sanders, Haley Scott, Brylie Shelby, Molly Shelby, Hannah Wheeler, Aleia Wooden.


Show Choir Practice will be Monday evenings from 5:30 to 7:00 and Fridays afterschool until 4:00.


There are only 9 weeks of practice before competition. Due to this short preparation time, members will not be allowed to perform if they miss more than 2 Mondays or 2 Fridays. Please put these times on your calendar and make arrangements to attend faithfully. Costuming will be ordered the first week of October. Please speak to Ms. Jaivel if you have any questions.