Potential BETA CLUB members and parents:

The National Beta Club is a student honor society based on high academic achievement, excellent character, good citizenship, and community service.
It is best described by stating the preamble of its constitution:
“Believing that creditable student effort and achievement should be encouraged and rewarded, and seeking to cultivate
the ideals of service and leadership in our citizens of tomorrow, the governing body of the National Honorary Beta Club
has instituted this organization for the promotion of these ideals.”

What is the purpose of the BETA CLUB?

The purpose of the National Beta Club is to promote “the ideals of honesty, service, morality, ethical conduct, and leadership among
elementary and secondary school students, to reward meritorious achievement, and to encourage and assist students in continuing
their education after high school.”

Who qualifies for membership in the BETA CLUB?

The qualifications for membership on the part of the student shall be:
(a) a high school student in grades 9-11 as of Fall 21, (b) worthy, moral and ethical character, (c) good mentality,
(d) creditable achievement (GPA of 95 or higher), (e) commendable attitude.

Are there any dues/payments?

There is a one-time fee of $25.00 collected the first week of school. Thereafter, $10.00 annual membership dues for both the local
and National Beta Club.

How will I know I have been accepted into the Beta Club?

Invitations for accepted students will be emailed on or before August 9th.

What’s required of members?

1. Pay membership fees, $25 for the first year and $10 for each following year.
2. Attend the Induction Ceremony. You are a Beta Pledge until after induction which will be held Sunday
August 22, 2021 at 2 pm in the LHS Gym.
3. Complete 20 hours of community service (10 per semester between June 1 and the last day of the school year)
which includes non profit organizations, school, church, etc. First 20 community service opportunities must be from
the Beta Bulletin Board outside RM23, Facebook or website announcement, or MUST be PRE-APPROVED
from an LHS sponsor. (Additional hours may be “on your own”).
4. Complete 20 hours of Club service (10 per semester between June 1 and the last day of the school year) which
includes participation in fund raising, club projects and events, meeting attendance, and convention
5. Maintain a 93+ cumulative GPA. This is checked at the end of each semester.
6. Avoid discipline issues both in and out of school.

Specifics on the above are detailed in the Club Constitution available at lexingtonbeta.org. We recommend
that you begin earning service hours immediately after being notified you have been accepted into the club by
checking the Beta Bulletin Board or getting approval via email. It is highly recommended that you check the
website regularly, follow Lexington Beta Facebook page and subscribe to the Beta Remind app in order to
keep up with service & other information. To subscribe to remind, text @betalhs1 to 81010.
Beta Club Sponsors: Nicki Johnson, Mary Woodall, and Jaivel Snelling
Please do not disturb a class for Beta Club reasons. Please see the sponsors before/after school, between classes, or email johnson.nicki@hcschoolstn.org if you have questions.


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