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  1. i am not sure what category to put hours worked at chicken sale/Ford drive and how to log cash sales to my account for that day. i gave a note given to ms woodall in bank bag about cash sales for me and Rylee.

    1. The Drive Event is Club service. However the ticket sales would be a fundraiser benefiting your personal account so that is not logged for service credit. The number of hours of credit would be the actually number of hours you were present at the event. Also, you can log 1 hour for each driver that drove for you. For example: 2 people drove for you, so log 2 hours and in the comments section write “2 test drivers”. Does this help?

  2. I just sent some service hours in, however, I messed up and put the wrong date – I actually did them on August 17th, 2019. Sorry, i did not mean too, and i had mixed up the dates. -Marley Scott – Grade 9

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